5 Reasons Why You Need a Gaming Mouse Pad!

If you recently purchased a gaming mouse or are looking to get into competitive gaming, you might be asking yourself if you really need a gaming mouse pad or not. Here’s a few reasons why they could make a big difference.

Plus, your desk gets lonely without a mouse pad.

To really get the most of your gaming mouse and to improve your overall gaming experience, a good quality mouse pad is highly recommended. While not every gaming mouse pad is the same, it’s important to know the general positives of owning one.

1) Get Better Tracking

Mouse pads, especially ones that provide a uniform and flat surface, help the mouse sensor to track your movements with ease, which leads to high accuracy. Maintaining a consistent and high level of accuracy is important when playing MOBA and FPS games, where precision really matters.

There’s nothing worse than missing your shot because of an old or low quality mouse pad that has ripples or an uneven surface. This is especially apparent when using a gaming mouse without a mouse pad, where your desk could easily provide a less than stellar experience.

In other words, consistent friction and surface material are important to maintaining a level of efficiency while gaming.

2) Provides Comfort For Your Wrist(s)

Hard surfaces, such as those on most gaming desks, will easily cause strain and irritation to your wrist during long gaming sessions. This may be uncomfortable at first, but can easily lead to long term discomfort as the lack of ergonomics and comfort take their toll.

Cloth gaming mouse pads which feature a thickness of 4mm or higher can easily improve your overall experience while providing a pillow-like surface for your wrist. Best of all, they won’t negatively impact your skill or tracking.

3) Increases the Lifespan of Your Mouse Skates / Feet

Desk surfaces can be incredibly harsh for your gaming mouse skates or feet (the little pads on the bottom of the mouse), and can easily cause scratches or increased wear. This all easily contributed to an increased level of distraction and less overall proficiency when gaming.

Preventing the feet of your gaming mouse from wearing out is incredibly important as they minimize friction and give consistency when moving your mouse. Having your smooth glide interrupted by a bad surface is a recipe for disaster.

4) Easily Keeps the Sensor of Your Mouse Clean

Over time, your mouse will naturally pick up the dirt, dust and other unwanted things – Don’t fret it as this is normal. However, using a good quality mouse pad that can be easily cleaned, or using a new pad that isn’t dirty, is a great way to minimize this issue.

While things like dirt or dust may not seem like an issue while gaming, they can easily cause your sensor to have tracking issues, and even provide that dreaded uneven surface that we aforementioned.

5) Spices Up Your Desk & Makes It Look Good

It’s no secret that a well equipped and breathtaking gaming setup is a dream of many gamers. There’s nothing better than having a great setup that not only motivates you to take on your favorite games, but also allows you to do it in style.

Gaming mouse pads usually feature a variety of designs, and can even have neat features like RGB or wireless charging. This makes them a surefire way to level up the way your desk setup looks, and feels.

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