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Fantech HELIOS Ⅱ PRO XD3V3 Ultra Lightweight Gaming 4K Wireless Mouse

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  • Experience II.
  • PixArt 3395 Gaming Sensor
  • 55 Grams Ultra Lightweight
  • True 4K Polling Rate
  • Hyper-Tactile TTC Gold Optical Switches
  • F-Switch Dustproof Scroll Wheel Encoder
  • High Performance Nordic 52833 32-bit Arm Cortex M4 MCU
  • Tri-Mode Connectivity
  • Available in 2 colors!
  • No RGB!

Universal Built

Hand Profile: Right Hand Size:

•Length: 17cm±

•Width: 7.5-10cm

Recommended Grip Style:

•Palm grip (15-18cm)

•Claw Grip (18-20cm)

  • F-Switch Tactlie Scroll Wheel Encoder

    HELIOS II Pro includes a scroll wheel with unrivaled tactility, ensuring gamers and pros get maximum performance with even more reliability and well-defined steps in their favorite games.

  • TTC Gold Optical Switches

    Fantech HELIOS II Pro features low-latency and reliable TTC Gold Optical Switches, designed for performance without unintentional double clicks! Rapid, durable and completely tactile.

  • Pixart 3395 Optical Sensor

    HELIOS II Pro features the world’s most highest-end & accurate Pixart Sensor, designed with 99.8% accuracy. Implemented using a low-latency MCU, for true groundbreaking performance in any game.

  • Black

  • White

What’s In The Box

USB Adaptor

Helios II Pro

User Manual

Type-C to USB Cable & USB Wireless Receiver

1 Set Anti-Slip Grip

4K Polling Gold Coin

Helios II Stickers

1 Set PTFE Mouse Skates & PTFE Dot Skates

Greeting Card

Warranty Card


Is Helios II Pro 4K Polling Compatible?

Yes, Helios II Pro is compatible with 4K Polling as it is designed with a Nordic 52833 MCU.

Is the 4K Dongle Included?

The dongle is not included in the box, however, it is included as one of the options when purchasing Helios II Pro on our website. If you want the 4K dongle, be sure to choose the 4K option.

What is the Size of Helios II Pro?

The size of Helios II Pro is: 120mm x 64mm x 38.3mm, making it a perfect companion for most gamers.

Why Optical Switches?

In Helios II Pro, we've chosen high-quality TTC Optical Gold Switches, which are a new switch from TTC and not the same as predecessors. The benefits of Optical Switches include not being susceptible to double clicking/unintended clicks, as well as having more longevity and better performance than mechanical switches.

Customer Reviews

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Samuel Johnson
Competes with the best specs and a long-loved shape

Love mostly everything about this mouse, particularly being the shape, and the weight which doesn't feel too light, giving you extra control over micro-movements.

Some people have issues with the coating, but I find it to be grippy without having that typical feel. It doesn't feel cheap so no worries there.

Relaxed claw and fingertip grip are how I hold this mouse which feels very comfortable for those who use the same grips.