Everything You Need to Know About Keyboard Sizes – 40%, 60%, 75%, TKL & More!

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, size matters. There are several different sizes of mechanical keyboards, ranging from compact 40% keyboards, to 60% and even full-size 100% keyboards.

Let’s explore the different mechanical keyboard sizes available on the market and the features they offer.

Mechanical keyboards come in a variety of sizes to suit different needs and preferences. No matter what size mechanical keyboard you choose, it’s sure to provide an enjoyable and satisfying typing experience.

Here’s the difference between common keyboard sizes on the market and why they’re useful!

40% Keyboards

These tiny little keyboards pack a powerful punch, and typically have between 42 and 47 keys. They don’t feature a dedicated numpad, or number row, or even a function row. On-top of those exclusions,they have no arrow keys, or some other keys such as TAB. These keyboards are popular among enthusiasts who love minimalism and those who don’t mind using different layers and macros to achieve what they want, with less finger movements. 

60% Keyboards

The 60% keyboard is one of the smallest mechanical keyboards available, and it typically has around 61 keys. These keyboards do not have a dedicated numpad, function row, or arrow keys, which makes them extremely compact and portable. They are popular among gamers who need extra desk space for mouse movement and more!

65% Keyboards

The 65% keyboard is a slightly larger option than the 60% keyboard, with around 68-75 keys. It includes dedicated arrow keys and a cluster of navigation keys, making it more functional than the 60% keyboard. It’s also a popular option for those who want a compact keyboard but don’t want to lose essential keys. Small size, big power!


75% Keyboards

The 75% keyboard is a compact option that still retains a function row, arrow keys, and a cluster of navigation keys. It typically has around 81-84 keys, and it’s a great option for those who want a compact keyboard but don’t want to lose more functionality.


TKL Keyboards

The TKL (Tenkeyless) keyboard is a popular option for gamers who want a keyboard that takes up less desk space. TKL keyboards lack a numpad, which allows for more mouse movement and a more comfortable gaming experience. They typically have around 87 keys, including function keys and arrow keys. In our opinion, TKL keyboards are the perfect “starting point” if you’re looking into getting a smaller keyboard than a full-sized one.

95% Keyboards

The 95% mechanical keyboard is a size that’s gaining popularity, and two main variations exist, one where the keys are together, and one where they aren’t (exploded 96 / 1800 size). It’s a hybrid between the TKL and 100% keyboards, providing the best of both worlds. The 95% keyboard typically has around 95-96 keys, and it includes a numpad, function row, and arrow keys, while still maintaining a compact footprint.

100% Keyboards

The 100% keyboard, also known as a full-size keyboard, is the largest mechanical keyboard size (excluding old school keyboards from back in the day). It typically has around 104 keys, including a numpad, function row, and arrow keys. This size is popular among typists and gamers who prefer a traditional layout where they can access every key easily.


While this isn’t a mechanical keyboard size itself, it’s commonly mentioned when referring to mechanical keyboard sizes. Exploded refers to the overall layout of the keyboard keys, as if the arrow keys / numpad / other keys are separated from the main keys, this is Exploded. If all of the keys are together, this isn’t exploded. Commonly, keyboards are called “95% Exploded” (for example), if it’s a 95% layout with the accessory keys having a gap between them and the rest of the keyboard. This gap may contribute to a larger design, but will also be easier to type on for some people.

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