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Mastex Corporation

Kailh Box Switch Set 35 Switches

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Kailh Box Switch Set 35 Switches
Each Switch Set comes with 35 switches and the holder.

Define Your Typing Experience

Kailh is one of the renowned producers of mechanical switches. If you are on the more specialized side about mechanical switches and would like to change up the feel of your keyboard. Kailh Box switch series has you covered. You will fall for these box switches.

Combined with both Cherry MX form and Box design around the the cross stem, Kailh Box switches provide an easy transition to fit for any MX style keycaps that you would like to customize and it will greatly reduces the wobbly and enhance your typing experience.

Compatible Keyboard:

Any Gateron G Pro Mechanical (Hot-Swappable) version, Keychron Mechanical (Hot-Swappable) version, or Q series Keychron keyboards.