How to Level Up Your Gaming Room With RGB & More!

Every gamer needs a proper setup for their gaming room. Whether it be gaming gear, RGB lighting, or even a smart room, an epic battlestation can make all the difference. When it comes to this, not all gear is made equally, and not every gamer needs the exact same setup.

This can make things confusing, but we’ve got some awesome tips for creating an epic layout!

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How to Level Up Your Gaming Setup with RGB and More!

When designing a gaming setup, some core things come to mind, such as a nice desk, a monitor riser and more. However, there’s many more things you can do to your setup to truly make it a breathtaking experience. Whether it be RGB, smart home technology and more, we’ve got gamers covered.

Here’s some great tips and products for bringing your setup to the next level, both visually and technologically!

1) Get Some RGB!

Now you may be wondering, “What is RGB”? Simply put, RGB is stands for “Red, Green, Blue” and usually refers to LED lights that can display those colors as well as a mix of them too. RGB is commonly found in gaming peripherals like mechanical keyboards and gaming mice, but it’s beginning to grow in popularity for use in smart homes and gaming rooms.

Getting some RGB setup in your room can take it to the next level for sure.

Before we start, we’d like to mention that too much RGB is an eyesore, so be sure to not overdo it. The best way is to use RGB indirectly as accent lighting, ambilights (kits that go behind your screen), and in ways that are done where the RGB lights are not shining directly into your face. This is important as it prevents distractions and reduces eye strain!

When doing this, it’s best to use a kit that is safe, and using RGBIC (instead of normal RGB), so you can have lights that seamlessly flow without the worry of issues arising. One staple of many gaming rooms is the traditional RGBIC lighting strip. These strips easily stick onto your wall, and can display a wide range of colors.

An alternative to the traditional RGB strip, would be RGB triangle lamps like our Fantech Triangle Light Panels, or Ambient Lights. Both have safety certification as well as beautiful RGBIC implementation to help any setup look both safe and amazing.

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2) Smart-ify Your Home/Battlestation!

Previously, most RGB lighting sets on the market would either just display one static color, or come with a remote control for changing the colors. While these are still popular today, they leave a lot to be desired.

These types of setups have a lot of limitation, such as not being able to respond to your music, and usually they can’t display custom colors as well. 

To solve this, we’ve developed all of our RGB lights to have smart-home features included right out of the box. This means gamers can easily set their own colors, have their lights respond to music, schedule the ON/OFF time for the lights (yes, they can turn on/off by themselves depending on the time), and even effortlessly sync all of the lights together to ensure the colors match.

This includes Amazon Alexa, Google Home and even Siri implementation allowing for voice commands. Now that’s a real battlestation!

After all, controlling your lights for your gaming setup should be effortless so you can focus your attention on what matters most, the game you’re playing!


Looking to Take Your Battlestation to the Next Level?

Check out our Fantech Smart Life series of products! As a gaming company, we’ve created the perfect products for creating an epic gaming room without the hassle. All powered by IoT technology, capable of creating the futuristic gaming room of your dreams.

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